About the Agency

John Hancock Investments provides asset management services to individuals and institutions through a unique manager-of-managers approach. We combine unbiased asset management with vigorous investment oversight to offer investors a deeper level of diversification and proven results across asset classes. A wealth management business of John Hancock Financial, we managed nearly $100 billion in assets as of June 30, 2013, across mutual funds, college savings plans, and retirement plans.

The Team

  • AVP, Head of e-Commerce: Eric Lachance
  • E-Commerce Project Manager : Leo Lepage
  • Interactive Manager: Kevin McMahon
  • E-Commerce Content Manager: Patty Ashley
  • E-Marketing Specialist: Christine Gunn
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media Specialist : Caren Chaneco
  • Systems Director: Paul Carthas
  • Systems Designer: Bob Place, Nick Savari
  • System Analyst/Developer: Kevin McKenna
  • IT Business Consultant: Paul Schroeder

John Hancock Funds, LLC